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The famous hill resort of Pithoragarh is in Uttarakhand, which seems to be attracting a lot of tourists these days, because the scenic beauty of state it not only offers the tourists a chance to enjoy natural beauty but also a option to try various cultural and adventure sports, such as white river rafting, hang-gliding and skiing activiteis. Pithoragarh is in the inner Himalayas at a height of 1,851 meters in a spectacular valley, called "Little Kashmir", in the northern state of Uttarakhand. Around 62 kms from Pithoragarh is Lohaghat. Places to visit at Pithoragarh is Chandak, Kailash Ashram 7 km, a religious Ashram of historical interest.

Excursion in Pithoragarh is Rameshwarghat, Ritha Sahib, Abbot Mount, Gangolihat. Hot Destination in Pithoragarh is Munsyari and Chaukori. Pithoragarh is idyllic city and perfect destination for mountaineers.
Pithoragarh, is known as the gateway to the Himalayas from the north, as pilgrims trek through this town to the Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, and Om Parvat.

Places of interest in Pithoragarh
Once the bastion of the Chand rulers, Pithoragarh town is littered with temples and forts belonging to that era.
The town had two forts one of which has been demolished, its place being taken by the Government Girls’ Intermediate College building. The building of the other fort houses the treasury and the tahsil.
Other places of interest in Pithoragarh are Patal Bhuvaneshwar (Gangolihat), Chandak, Dewalthal, Dharchula, Munsiyari and Kali Mandir of Gangolihat. Kumaon University College is the main educational institution in the district for higher studies.
About 5 km. from the place there is a small and beautiful place named Chandag which houses an asylum for lepers. It is said that a goddess killed two devils, Chand and Mund, at this place.
Pithoragarh Fort: It is set atop a hill on the outskirts of the town. The fort was built by the Gorkhas in 1789.
Kapileshwar Mahadev (3 km): The cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva affords fine view of the Soar valley and lofty Himalayan peaks.
Kamakhya Devi Temple : Another beautiful site,temple of Kamakhya Devi,situated at the top of small hills near the town.

A Himalayan Jungle Retreat!!!

The Misty Mountains invites you to its home amidst clouds, unpolluted crystal clear skies and an unending expanse of forests in a quaint, quiet and serene Himalayan village, Jhaltola, in the hill state of Uttarakhand. Autumn is slowly waning and winter knocks on the door with the occasional cotton-puff-cloud on blue skies, bright sunny days and a 24/7 Himalayan Vista!

The jungle is alive with the song of the birds; autumn blooms are at their glory and the weather about perfect.  Come celebrate nature. Come celebrate life. Far off from the maddening crowds, we are about 165 kms from Nainital further into the hills, almost right between Chaukori (30 kms) and Patal Bhuvaneshwar (27 kms) at a height of 2160 meters above sea level with some of the best views of the Himalayas and its foothills in the region. Nainital Cottage provides information about how to reach nainital, nainital guest house, nainital lodge, nainital cottage, nainital sightseeing, Nainital Resorts, accommodation at nainital in good hotels with best tour packages.

The Misty Mountains- A Himalayan Jungle Retreat

Set near the mystique of Patal Bhuvaneshwar, is 'The Patal Resort'. The resort symbolizes the warmth and traditional hospitality of the people of Uttarakhand - The Abode of Gods. An unbeatable combination of comfort and elegance “The Patal Resort' provides an ideal resting pad for anyone travelling to the mystical Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

Wake up to the chirping of the birds, catch the mesmerizing Himalayas, meditate amidst the serene surroundings, spend a leisurely afternoon in a hammock reading a book or take a village walk in the evenings. Feel the adrenaline rushing as you go biking or trekking in the woods. Rekindle your love for Nature, go from the Mundane to the Spiritual and come back Rejuvenated like never before.

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