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4 Aug

Uttarakhand – most loved hill station of India

Uttarakhand Tour Package

Spirituality is an often difficult thing to define. The essence of spirituality itself is that it transcends the bounds of physical life, reaching into an entirely new plane of existence made more substantial by the faith of the people. The idea of attaining true spiritual bliss is a dream for many. It seems to be even more of an outlandish notion now, given the way society has incrementally placed spirituality on the margins. Rediscovering that spiritual center is a uniquely challenging proposition, purely because one person’s religious ideals can be very different from another despite belonging in the same denomination. For those that desire spiritual fulfillment, signing up for a tour package Uttarakhand may be what is in order.

Uttarakhand blogs

Uttarakhand – Dervish Estate

The state of Uttarakhand is widely known in India and all over the world as the Land of the Gods. People can think of it is a sort of Indian Mt. Olympus. The main reason for why the state is known by this moniker is because it plays host to a large number of religious sites. The majority of the shrines are dedicated to the Hindu faith, and it is just another reason for why people should look for their own tour package Uttarakhand. The state itself has been a place of pilgrimage for well over a thousand years, and for as long as those shrines will stand, the people of the Hindu faith will continue to flock to this destination. Other religions are also welcome in the state, as there are also religious sites for Sikhs and Tibetan Buddhists just to name a few.

Tourist Destinations in Uttarakhand

Apart from being a religious destination, Uttarakhand is also famous for its many tourist destinations. Since the state itself is positioned so close to the Himalayan mountain range, sites of natural beauty are not at all difficult to find. Tour package Uttarakhand also provides people with a unique opportunity to experience the state from a different perspective. Given the terrain of the state, visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking and rock climbing. A religious experience is not the only thing people can receive from the state, as they can also enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. The Himalayan mountain range is, however, not the only natural site of note in the state. The state is also home to Vasudhara Falls and with its snowy background; this site arguably exceeds all the others in terms of pure, natural beauty. A trip to Uttarakhand is a treat not only to the spirit, but also to the senses. Uttarakhand Tour package also gives people access to the state’s parks. The Jim Corbett National Park is among the most famous in all of India. Also included in the state’s park collection is the Valley of Flowers National Park.

Uttarakhand snow View

Uttarakhand snow View

The Unmatched Beauty of Uttarakhand

Nurturing the soul is a difficult if not altogether impossible task. The soul is an entity that exists not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual one, and it cannot be nurtured simply by just feeding it or keeping it warm. The concept of keeping the soul healthy has long plagued the God-fearing individual. But there is a way to effectively revitalize the soul. It can be done through going to the locations that are most conducive to both spiritual harmony and growth. Such places may seem to exist only in fantasy, but they are real. Uttarakhand holiday packages introduce people to one place that is the embodiment of a spiritual sanctuary.

Spiritual sites are common finds in this northern state of India. The state has also been awarded with the title “Land of the Gods”. This is mainly because Uttarakhand is home to a high number of religious sites. Most of the religious landmarks that populate the state are of the Hindu faith. The people that long to reignite their Hindu beliefs can acquire Uttarakhand holiday packages in order to help with the process. People of the Hindu faith have also been making the pilgrimage to this state for well over a thousand years. Uttarakhand is not just a religious sanctuary for the people of the Hindu faith, as there are other religious landmarks found in the state that honor the beliefs of other religious groups. By signing up for Uttarakhand holiday packages, Sikhs and Tibetan Buddhists can also find themselves in a place that pays homage to their religious beliefs.

Religious Tour Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is more than just a place for religious pilgrimage, as the state itself is also quite the visual wonder. The state itself can be found set alongside the Himalayan mountains. This exact location enables the state to provide people with only the most pleasing visual sights. Uttarakhand holiday packages also provide people with a unique opportunity to experience the state in a different manner. Tourists can do more than just sightseeing as they can also enjoy thrilling activities such as hiking and rock climbing. It is resoundingly clear that Uttarakhand is as ideal for religious fulfillment as it is for thrill seeking.

Tourists may tend to focus only on the fact that the state is set among the Himalayan mountains, but there is still a lot more about this place for people to enjoy and appreciate. Uttarakhand holiday packages are very helpful to people looking to see some of the state’s beautiful parks. The most famous of them is known as Jim Corbett National Park, and it is a noted attraction well beyond the state. The Valley of Flowers National Park is also found in this state, and it is another place worth visiting for those with Uttarakhand holiday packages. The park population may be enough for most people, but for those seeking a more spectacular and majestic site, the Vasudhara Falls may be what they are looking for. This stunning waterfall is set against a snowy backdrop, emphasizing its beauty.

Mukteshwar Temple

Mukteshwar Temple

Travel/Tour/Packages Nainital

Nainital and its Many Tourist Destinations
The country known as India is known simply as one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. People may only see India as the country with overcrowded trains and absurdly packed roads, but the reality is that is just a very small part of the country. Look beyond the common pitfalls that afflict any densely-populated nation, and people will see that there is indeed abundant beauty that exists within this country. The ideal tourist destinations are numerous, and people are sure to enjoy getting to know each and every one of them. Nainital holiday packages are widely available for tourists looking to see one city in particular that is emblematic of India’s natural appeal.

Governor House in Nainital

Governor House in Nainital

There are numerous tourist destinations to be found in Nainital, but of them all, the most famous one is the lake that shares its name with the city itself. Nainital Lake can be found deep in the heart of the city, and for years, it has served as one of the city’s most sought after destinations. Nainital holiday packages make it a point to include the lake on their travel itineraries. People can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the lake either through just a relaxing walk or even while they are sailing among the lake waters while situated inside a boat. There is also a bridge to be found within the lake, and it connects its two opposing banks. People can even do a little shopping as they enjoy the lake. All of this serves to make Nainital holiday packages even more appealing.

Sacred Site seeing of Nainital

The city of Nainital is known for more than just its beautiful lake, as there are even religious sites to be found in this area. Devout Hindus will find one of the more sacred sites of their faith when they visit this place. The Naini Devi Temple is a wonderfully designed religious site, serving as one of the more significant destinations for people of the Hindu faith. Nainital holiday packages enable visitors to access this unique site, but there is another religious site of note to be found in the city. St. John in the Wilderness can also be found in this city and it is well worth the trip for visitors seeking a dose of spirituality while on vacation.

Chouli ki Jaali Nainital Mukteshwar

Chouli ki Jaali Nainital Mukteshwar

The religious and natural sites are obviously very attractive, but they are not the only places people can visit when they sign up for Nainital holiday packages. The Raj Bhavan, also known as the Governor’s House, is one of the more famous architectural sites to be found in the city. This home that serves as an official place of residence of government personalities is also open to the public for as long as there is a permit that has been issued. Also located within the city is the Gurney House. The home that once served as Jim Corbett’s main place of residence is now open to the public as a museum. It contains several items from Jim Corbett, and it is just another one of the destinations people can visit with their Nainital holiday packages.

Mukteshwar Valley

Uttarakhand Tours with Mukteshwar

The Natural, Cultural, and Spiritual Beauty of Nainital

India is a land in possession of a great history and even better natural beauty. People tend to think of India as this country that is filled with poor residents and corrupt public officials, but that would only work to sell the country awfully short. Though such things may indeed plague the nation of India, they are far from what people should take away once they visit this great country. There is a beauty to this South Asian nation that is unmatched by any other in its region, and that alone should make it into a truly ideal place for the sake of vacation. Nainital tour and others like it, provide people with an intimate look into one of India’s most spectacular destinations.

This city that has been perfectly situated into the hills of Uttarakhand is among the most beautiful anywhere in the country. Of its many attractive locales, one always seems to stand out, and that is none other than Nainital Lake. This gorgeous body of water set right into the heart of the city has transformed into a truly spectacular destination. The lake works perfectly within its surroundings, and it is one of the leading reasons for why people should go on a Nainital tour. Visitors can enjoy their stay by either sailing a boat along the water, or they can even comb the banks of the lake and appreciate it in that manner. Several stores can also be found on the bridge that joins the two banks of the lake. A little bit of shopping can serve as the perfect way to cap off a Nainital tour.

Temples in Nainital

Sites of religious relevance can also be found in this city. India has always been very diverse from a religious perspective and the same holds true for this city. Participating in a Nainital tour allows people to see one of the holiest sites for Hindus, the Naini Devi Temple. This gorgeous temple was actually ruined by the 1880 landslide, but it has since been restored. Another site holding religious relevance to potential tourists is a church. The church known simply as St. John in the Wilderness was established way back in 1844. Found inside the church is a brass plaque paying tribute to the many victims of the 1880 landslide.

Religious landmarks are not the only culturally significant sites to be found in this city. Beyond them, people can also see a number of architectural marvels that serve to make the Nainital tour worth it.
The Governor’s House can be found in this city, and it has slowly but surely transformed into one of the most must-see destinations in all of India. The elaborately designed home is the place of residence for certain government officials, but people can also visit it if they have the corresponding permits. Also located in the city of Nainital is the Gurney House. This formerly private residence was the property of famed hunter Jim Corbett. The noted hunter became a conservationist later in life and now, people can take a look into his private life by going on a Nainital tour .



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