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16 Oct

Hostel Support Jobs Abroad


A place where we learn a lot of things, how to conduct ourselves. We are not alone or lonely, more students to give company and love. Far away from parents, feeling homesick, nothing to be worried regarding.  Don’t understand anything?  The teachers will help, make us study properly and learn how to stand on our own legs. It is a home away from home called HOSTEL.

Hostel life is neither easy for students living there nor for the managers managing it. But it can be made pleasant as it is an experience of a lifetime, a time of life when we change as a person! Managing a hostel involves various management skills since you have to handle lots of things together and that too according to the needs of students from different backgrounds and taste!

But no matter how skilled you are in this respect, there are times when you just cannot handle the many challenges that tend to crop up on a regular basis. Looking after maintenance tasks, getting major repairs done to perfection, managing finances, tracking cash inflows and outflows and many, many more jobs make the hostel manager’s job a surprisingly complex and challenging one. Managing and maintain a hostel is a costly affair and if you lack in any of the skills, hiring a paid worker will add onto your pocket. Here, HOVOS can be of great help; you can get volunteers who will assist in your management for free.

Hovos. Hostel work Abroad

Hovos. Hostel work Abroad





Mostly Hostel facilities are operated with manual paperwork in a labour-intensive environment. Here has resulted in reduced resource utilization and impacted the overall efficiency of the Hostels. The system of managing and administering hostels, mess and other facilities in institutions is ineffective as it is connected to the following problems:

  • Problems in the Existing System
  • Manual hostel administration Manual allocation of facilities
  • Wastage of resources Increase in staff workload
  • Difficulty in retrieving hostel record of assets & inventory
  • Tedious and time-consuming work
  • Inaccuracy of data
  • Different data processing for registration form verification
  • Data duplication and errors

It is time to do away with conventional method of working and streamlining your business. Few tips include:

  • Hostel Setup: Create various categories of hostel rooms Create blocks & floors with details
  • Enrollment: Register students/staff/guest online assign multiple volunteers to hostels
  • Account Capture profiles of students Maintain daily attendance records with entry and exit timings
  • Room Allocation: View details of lodgings, rooms and occupancy. Automatic room allocation based on room type and number of occupants in each room, waiting list & other parameters Add/Drop/Delete/Swap/Transfer students in each room
  • Payments: Manage hostel fees including deposits, expenses & refunds Maintain hostel bills collection, mess bills linked to student’s hostel fees
  • Drop or transfer facility
  • Repairs & Maintenance Management: Automatically assign and track maintenance tasks to housekeeping staff based on requests assign costs to repair works
  • Visitor/Guest Tracking & Management Capture and maintain hostel visitors’ records automatically generate hostel gate pass Simple & faster check-in & check-out of visitors from premises
  • Mess Management Create menu items & prices, control the cost & run the mess efficiently Access guest information including meal joining, change & discontinuation, hostel room & warden


hostel support - Hovos

hostel support – Hovos

Part of improving a hostel or another business, finally understands where the issues are,   sometimes it is best to get your hands dirty. Few tips for hostel manager include:

Work shifts – Working regular shifts enables one to understand all the logistical operations of a business wholly. Instead of just employing facts and numbers, you can also receive the tangibility of things as well. When you work shifts, you will gain a better understanding of the flow of the business, while understanding some of the unique challenges that may arise by mutation. A manager who knows what they are managing is always better off.

Spend time in the places –Spend time in the public rooms, cook in the kitchens, and use the different bathrooms. Doing these things will enable you to best understand the entire hostel.

Sleep in the rooms – If you sleep in the rooms, then you will have the opportunity to put yourself in the guests’ shoes. Effectively, be a guest at your private hostel. Whatever the case may be, you will get to experience things first hand by sleeping in the different rooms.

Feedback – Guest feedback can be beneficial in helping you to improve your hostel because they can help you to see other things as well as learn about different perspectives of them. Guests can offer you things that they have seen in other places or things that they experienced personally.

Get to know your hostel and you’ll find ways to improve it. Being a manager is a very responsible task, and therefore if you are the manager it is difficult for you to look after other aspects of housekeeping, mess/restaurant, etc. Hence, you need support workers whom you can delegate some of your responsibilities.


Life is short, so do something meaningful, and do it somewhere unfamiliar. At HOVOS, we support community projects, eco-initiatives and of course hostels – our spaces for cultural exchange – all over this incredible planet of ours. We’ve been offering travelers opportunities abroad through the youth hosteling movement, opening eyes, connecting people from all walks of life and challenging perceptions for around a century. Whether you want to volunteer and visit a new place solely to dedicate your time and skills to a good cause or you plan to be a voluntarism – getting involved in a shorter-term commitment as part of your bigger travel plans, now is the time to get stuck in and give something back.

If you are willing to start one of your private hostels but have no experience, then learn it here by volunteering for a host who manages one. Learn how the hostel is run, understand the responsibilities and get a feel for the typical challenges that a hostel owner faces. When you are volunteering to assist in managing a hostel, you come across people from various backgrounds and cultures. It enlarges your perception of the world and also trains you how to handle maintenance issues in an establishment of any kind teaches you to assume leadership when required and helps you assess your internal people and situation management skills.

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