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7 Nov

The Bliss and Blessing – Nainital

Indian Travel and Culture including eperiencing Nainital

You are under the aura of the world’s most astounding architecture. You are bespattered by the riots of colors. All you witness is spectacular, subliminal, and spiritual being. You are in India. Diversity speaks a hundred of languages in unison here while each scintilla makes you feel the distinctness. Reason being, India is the best holiday destination for those wanting to discover the real joys of life. Curious why this land of remarkable heritage, mesmerizing landscape, and fascinating traditions is a parallel world in itself? Let us shake your senses to emboss a nuanced idea of India through the journey that is second to none. From sun-kissed beaches to determined snowy mountain ranges of the north, Indian landscape has the most scintillating terrains that take the breath away at every turn. Each corner makes you experience the paradisaical beauty of nature, while the majestic temples and it’s creative culture oozing out of lively deserts, and stubbornly standing forts overlooking the flowing rivers.

Nainital Mukteshwar

Nainital Mukteshwar

It is just when you think you are done, you are invited to witness the calm and tranquil of Himalayan treks and floral path with the cool breeze of the plain forests.

Nainital – The Overview

Experiencing India, it’s glory, marvels, and unwrapping its beauty isn’t everyone’s treasure. Those fascinated by the idea of “Foreign Trip” would certainly fail to witness the celestial serendipity of Indian beauty and escape into the tranquility of Indian hill stations. Such self-proclaimed travelers would end up comparing two Indian holiday destinations at their own myopia.

Comparing two unique and exceptionally gorgeous Indian holiday destinations is a fool’s job. However, those nurturing the idea of European holidays would end up comparing Switzerland with Nainital. Exclaimed? Switzerland may not be a distant dream, the heavenly landscape of Nainital would overlap the picturesque of Switzerland, its natural scenery, and snowfall that you may have witnessed on the laptop screen.

– The Enchanting Beauty:

Nainital Mukteshwar - Bhalugaad Waterfall

Nainital Mukteshwar – Bhalugaad Waterfall

“City of Lakes” famous for its breathtaking and enchanting landscapes that will amaze you every minute of your trip. The fragrance of the mountain surrounded by flowers, pine trees, and cottages will captivate your heart and soul. You won’t be over with the admiration of the rich flora and fauna, where the sunset or the sunrise will make you

speechless. The rise of the sun from the lakes to the setting in will fill you with unspoken words for the beauty of Nainital.

The clusters of stars illuminated above the eye-shaped Naini lake will reflect the epitome of heaven on earth! Every tourist who visits Nainital the unusual scenic beauty and nature will leave them only with one word and that is Magical!

– The ‘Pahadi’ Culture:

Kumauni – as they are famously known, the inhabitants of Nainital are generous, friendly, and circumspect to their own culture. For long, the impact of metro lifestyle was missing in this hilly city. Highly religious and somewhat superstitious community has their own style of building homes on the top of the hills.

Nainital Mukteshwar - Himalayan View

Nainital Mukteshwar – Himalayan View

The Lehenga and Pichora have made their way for Sarees for women in Nainital. “Pithia” and “Nose rings” are disappearing quickly. However, Pajamas, long coat, and woolen cap of men’s attire are intact.

The local life in Nainital is slow-paced and is mostly based on food made of rice products. Being a tourist destination, the main source of revenue is tourists. However, agriculture has its own traditional values. The life in Nainital revolves around religious festivities and rituals.

Travel and Stay Amenities:

Those sitting in their armchair would always find traveling easy and travelers blessed. Probably, they are not aware of “Taking the first step towards a goal is the most difficult step”. Once you are up for it, traveling to Nainital from Delhi or Lucknow becomes a cake walk.

Tourism has changed the face of the city in recent years. Those facilities and amenities you may crave for in posh Delhi hotel are available in Nainital cottages even; leave aside hotels. Coming to Nainital and not staying in cottages is one such privilege you might bereave of.

– Nainital Cottage Culture

Nainital Mukteshwar - Cottages

Nainital Mukteshwar – Cottages

Comfort comes first when we think of holiday tour or vacation trip. Nainital cottages would challenge your fixed notion of “Hotels are the best for the comfort” offering facilities and amenities superior to any five-star hotel. Besides, the kind of personalized service you will receive, probably no hotel can afford to offer.

The best part about cottages in Nainital is they are not much far from the local market and happening places yet, the inside of the cottage is so calming and peaceful.

You will find yourself in the florally designed heaven with spacious bedrooms, living room, open terrace facing snowy mountain ranges and overlooking heated swimming pool awaits your arrival. You will be offered private parking, free Wi-Fi, and personal “Jhula” to swing in joy.

Nainital Mukteshwar -

Nainital Mukteshwar –

Nainital cottages are usually equipped with lots of activities for kids and adults alike. Besides gardens, playground, indoor and outdoor games and lot many sightseeing tours.

Nainital As a Travel Destination

– Top 5 Nainital Attractions

Serenity, Tranquility, and Serendipity. Nainital defines it perfectly, which cannot be explained through words, the beauty around will say it on its own. None really would spend hard-earned money to miss the real beauty. Missing sunrise and sunset in Nainital is a loss you would never recover. Well, to provide you a larger view, below are the five attractions that Nainital will bestow upon you.

Valley view near Nainital

Valley view near Nainital

1. The Himalaya View From Snow View:

2. Buckingham Palace Of India

3. Jim Corbett National Park

4. Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

5. Lakeside View

– Top 5 Things to do in Nainital

On the onset, life looks sublime in Nainital. However, you will find the enthusiasm and energy as soon as you would find countless fun activities to indulge in Nainital. Don’t you like shopping? Won’t you wish your brave kids to climb a rock? Even you can trek high pick or can take a jungle safari or can fire camp and live music performances from locals.

Things to do in Nainital

Things to do in Nainital

1. Shopping from Tibetan Market

2. Trek to China Peak

3. Rock Climbing

4. Cave Garden

5. Lake Tour

– Top 5 Must-Buy Things From Nainital

1. Jackets/Woolen Garments

2. Scented and Unique Candles

3. Jams

4. Pine Tree Craftworks

5. Bamboo Fabrics

Nainital Food:

Tired of Pizzas, Burgers, And Parathas? Try Bhatt ki Churkani or Aloo ke Gutke. The diversity of Indian dishes amalgamating in Chinese, Thai and Tibetan dishes creates the most delicious blend of joy for travelers in Nainital. If you have had enough of Punjabi tadka, try local Arsa or Gulgula to add final sweetness to your Nainital trip. Think of being a little blessed to enjoy the home-cooked Kumaoni dishes like Ras and Baddi to end your Nainital trip with a delight that you will savor for the rest of your life.

Nainital Stats:

Snow view near Nainital - Mukteshwar

Snow view near Nainital – Mukteshwar

Too tempted to visit Nainital? Want to know the best way to reach the paradise? Well, you might be surprised to hear that you can travel to Nainital by Air, Train, Road!

● The nearest airport to reach Nainital is Pantnagar. Lying at a distance of 65 km from Nainital

● If you wish to travel by train, there are several trains connecting the other part of the country to Nainital. The railway station is located at 34 km from the Kumaon hills.

● Buses are very well available to Nainital. Buses ranging from air-conditioned to Volvos are all available for Nainital

● One of the best ways to travel to the destination all the way by Road. That drives your car to the Paradise and enjoy an amazing road trip.

Weather in Nainital is mostly unpredictable, especially during winters and rainy season. Therefore June – September is the best time to visit Nainital. The usual temperature in Nainital fluctuates between 15 degrees and 30 degrees during summers

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